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Follow and obey all our rules for mutual convenience, if you violate the rules that we have set, we will provide the right sanctions for each violation.


  1. Players are prohibited to use any type of application outside the game that aims to cheat in the game.
  2. Players are prohibited to use the Macro Application that lead to not being physically present to play the game (e.g. auto hunt). Macro PVP & Quest is tolerateable.
  3. Players are required to report all kind of bugs to Game Master to be fixed as soon as possible. Exploitation and deliberate use of bug will be punished by permanent ban and account removal. As for important reports will be rewarded accordingly.
  4. Player are allowed to kill each other except in demilitarized zone which are Adel Monastery and Trevia Valley. For those who kills in this area can be reported and will be punished with Temporary Ban.
  5. Players are required to take full responsibility of their own account. ID is not shareable, if the account is banned then we will be banned all accounts related to the perpetrator's HWID without exception and reason.
  6. Players are taking full responsibility of the new & bought account. Any harm at the account after the ID purchase is not a Game Master responsibility.
  7. Players are prohibited to Spreading Issues that Are Not Sure to be Truth (HOAX), Issues of racial issues and hatred.
  8. Players are prohibited to using Flaming Smoother / SARA / Pornography words.
  9. Players are prohibited to create nickname with impolite, improper, racism, and pornography.
  10. Loss of items due to hacking process or being deleted by the garbage wipe system is not the responsibility of the Game Master.
  11. Game Master decision is absolute and cannot be interfered with.
  12. Impolite and improper words or actions toward Game Master will be punished accordingly.


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